Warranty Policy


CDE Technologies Pty Ltd trading as Repeller Automotive Accessories and Repeller Car Alarms (“Repeller Auto Accessories”) warrants to the original purchaser of a BRAND NEW vehicle, that any new product will be free from any failure, breakdown, defect or deficiency occurring within the period of 3 years (36 months) following the date of installation and subject to the (Product) manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions.

The Repeller Auto Accessories products must be fitted at “Pre-Delivery” prior to first registration of the vehicle to qualify for the 3 year (36 month) warranty, otherwise a 1 year (12 month) warranty applies. All used vehicles are covered by our 1 year (12 month) warranty.

Repeller Auto Accessories does not, and will not refund any money for “Change of Mind” or “Incorrect model/version choice”. Repeller Auto Accessories will not be held liable for any misrepresentation, misunderstanding or poor choice. We ask you to take the time consider your choice carefully. In the extreme situation where a court or tribunal has determined that a refund is to occur according to Australian Consumer Laws and the manufacturer/supplier has agreed to a refund, and is due to, for example, poor manufacturing, defective goods or “not fit for purpose”, the labour (installation) component will not be refunded as this is not covered by the manufacturer/supplier warranty and is in no way the fault of Repeller Auto Accessories.

To the extent permitted by law Repeller Auto Accessories’ obligation arising under the above warranty may be limited to and completely discharged by either replacement of a new or reconditioned product or repair of the faulty product as deemed fit by Repeller Auto Accessories and/or it’s suppliers. Repair/replacement of the product shall be without charge to the original purchaser for parts, labour or service within this period.

If a product needs to be removed for warranty repair/replacement by the manufacturer/supplier during the warranty period, Repeller Auto Accessories will not be required to provide a temporary substitute while the product is being repaired or serviced.

Repeller Auto Accessories will not be held liable for the costs incurred in returning the goods (such as postage, courier or transport fees) to us if the vehicle is not within a reasonable distance from the original selling dealership. i.e. the owner and vehicle has moved to another city or interstate.

This warranty is not transferrable and remains with the original purchaser, and this warranty reverts to a 1 year (12 month) warranty from the date of original installation, should the vehicle be sold within the warranty period.

While regard will be had to a purchaser’s requests for warranty service to be carried out at the purchaser’s address, it is at Repeller Auto Accessories absolute discretion whether warranty service is performed at the purchaser’s address or at a premises nominated by Repeller Auto Accessories, this usually is at the original selling dealer’s service centre. Any costs incurred in returning the vehicle for warranty service to the original selling dealers premises, is the owners responsibility.

Towing will not be covered under any circumstance unless prior authorisation has been given by Repeller Auto Accessories only. To the extent permitted by law, Repeller Auto Accessories excludes all liability for incidental and/or consequential damages/costs related to the failure of a Repeller Auto Accessories product in any manner whatsoever.

The above warranties will be void under any of the following circumstances:

If the product has suffered from damage by accident, damage by malicious intent, intentional misuse, vandalism, unauthorised repairs, modified, tampered with or altered in any way, damaged by water/fluid ingress (this may include water, coffee, soft drinks, baby formula etc) it is not covered under this warranty.

All repairs or service are strictly to be carried out by Repeller Auto Accessories or it’s agents. Authorisation is to be sought prior to any repair being carried out by third parties.

Repairs carried out without authorisation from Repeller Auto Accessories will not be covered under any circumstance. These costs shall be the responsibility of the person/organization authorising the repair. Repairs carried out by non-authorised repairers are the owner/owners representatives responsibility and costs incurred are to be covered by the owner/owners representative.

Authorisation can be sought by contacting Repeller Auto Accessories by either calling 02 9477 7711 or email enquiries@repeller.com.au or by mail Repeller Auto Accessories PO Box 243 Concord, NSW 2137.

When applying for authorisation you will need to supply us with the original selling dealers name, original vehicle stock number or registration number, type of vehicle and model, type of product installed and date of installation. All this information will have been written on this document by the installer at the time of installation. Please make sure you retain this document for future reference and proof of installation date and place of purchase. This document must be provided for inspection at the time of a warranty service. Failure to provide this document may affect how quickly your concerns are handled.